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lama rasanya tak jumpa,lama rasanya tak borak,lama rasanya tak dengar gelak,lama rasanya tak tengok senyuman,tapi apapun saya PASTI akan dapat balik semua benda tuh,RINDU.sangat RINDU:')

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.
- George Sand -

Love is like a mustard seed;
planted by God and watered by men
- Muda Saint Michael -

You know you are in love when you see the world in her eyes,
and her eyes everywhere in the world.
- David Levesque -

Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken.
To truly love is to understand this.
To be in love is to respect this.
- Stephen Packer -

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 Assalamualaikum :) I am suhaila. A girl who is trying to be a better muslimah through days. Pray for Gaza, please <3

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